Jennifer Lopez's Daughter Is Now 10 Years Old And She's Already Up To Big Things

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Jennifer Lopez's Daughter Is Now 10 Years Old And She's Already Up To Big Things

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You have to admire Jennifer Lopez. The moment she got her big break, she has been working hard to make a name for herself that has stood the test of time.

The 48-year-old actress, singer, dancer, producer, and businesswoman is definitely someone to admire.

So when she and her former husband, Mark Anthony, welcomed twins a decade ago, we expected great things from her kids.

Now at only 10 years old, her children are already making their mark in the world.

Maximilian and Emme have clearly learned a lot about the makings of success from their parents.

They may be still kids, but they're stepping into the world of adulthood in all the right ways.

If you're an avid follower of Lopez, you've definitely seen many photos of her and her children, but many people don't know exactly what they're up to.

The mother-of-two recently posted a precious photo of her twins, and we were amazed to see how grown up they are!


In my opinion, Emme looks so much like her mother, and Maximilian looks just like his father.


Not only does Emme look like a mini-J Lo, she has also inherited her mom's business mind.

On her recent Instagram story, Lopez shared a video of her and her daughter. They were headed to a business meeting with book publishers.

The caption in the video read, "Emme's first meeting."

"We're excited "” we have three meetings today," Lopez addressed her fans. "It's a very special day. Emme and I are off to our very first book publishers meeting for an idea Emme had for a book."

Jennifer Lopez Instagram Story

The singer also shared a photo of her daughter holding up a binder with her book idea.

The title of the book is "Lord Help Me!"

Jennifer Lopez Instagram Story

This looks promising!

It's nice that Emme has a leg up in society, but the fact that she's taking the reigns and trying to make something of herself is very admirable.

At only 10 years old, this adorable girl is already an inspiration.

Let's wish Emme the best on her creative endeavors! Also, do you think the young girl already looks like her mother?

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