Jerry Lewis Has Been Hospitalized

If you grew up in the era of Jerry Lewis, you grew up laughing.

His slapstick humor, his comedy shticks, and his Muscular Dystrophy telethons solidified his spot as a Hollywood legend. He was even an incredible dancer, which many people often forget.

Lewis shot to fame in the 1950s and went to star in more than 45 films over 50 years. He's still working, even has a leading role in an upcoming movie that is being kept under wraps.


However, at 91 years old, his health has been deteriorating. Prior ailments that have plagued Lewis in the past include heart attacks, an inflammatory lung disorder, and chronic back pain.

And now, he's been hospitalized for something else that has people worried he may have to stop shooting.

Continue reading to see what Jerry Lewis has been hospitalized for.

On Friday, June 2, Lewis was hospitalized in Las Vegas, but the good news is he's expected to be released soon.

Lewis was hospitalized for a urinary tract infection, but his doctors are confident he'll make a full recovery. According to his publicist Candi Cazau, doctors "“decided to keep him in over the weekend for observation and to make sure the drugs they put him on agree with him." Cazau says the drugs are "doing their job, and he's feeling better."


We are sending Jerry Lewis our prayers and hope for a speedy recovery! I, for one, can't wait to see what this new movie role will be. But it's guaranteed to be a laugh!