Jerry Springer Is Returning To TV With New Show That You Definitely Won't Object To

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Jerry Springer Is Returning To TV With New Show That You Definitely Won't Object To

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Jerry Springer has been the host of his own show for years. We've all seen at least one episode of the iconic show, and witnessed the truly outrageous behavior and stories that were shared.

The Jerry Springer Show is known for its violent guests, outrageous claims, and even more ridiculous episode themes.

Springer has spent the last 27 years mediating the classic fights on screen, but when he decided it was time to move on people assumed he'd be leaving TV for good.

As it turns out, Springer won't be gone for long. In fact, he will be back on the small screen next fall in a brand new show. He's still going to be mediating fights, but this time, there are no chairs to throw, but instead a gavel to bang.

Springer will be going back to his lawyer roots and heading back into the courtroom. His new show will be called Judge Jerry and as the title suggests he is going to act as a judge for legal disputes.

The show will follow the format that other popular judge shows like Judge Judy and Judge Mathis follow, except the small-claims court judge will be Springer.

His final verdict will be delivered just like his old "Springer Wisdom" was on his old show, except for now he is excited to be in a more respectable position.

"For the first time in my life, I am going to be called honorable," Springer said when the show was announced. "My career is coming full circle, and I finally get to put my law degree to use after all these years."

Springer studied law and served as a lawyer in Cincinnati as well as mayor of the city for a year. He's ready to step into his robes and get to use all of his knowledge and help people.

NBC's Executive Vice President of Creative Affairs Tracie Wilson is happy that Springer will be remaining on the network. "Judge Jerry will merge Jerry's talent for connecting with people, his incredibly relatable and funny personality and his legal training and governing experience to bring viewers a more entertaining court show. We are so happy to continue our fantastic partnership with Jerry, who is a proven TV icon with a dedicated and broad fan base."

The show will premiere in Fall 2019 so you don't have to wait too much longer to get Jerry Springer back on TV!

Source - Hollywood Reporter / Deadline / TVWeb

Will you be tuning in?