Jessica Alba Apologizes To Leslie Jones After Comedian Badmouths Her Company


Jessica Alba Apologizes To Leslie Jones After Comedian Badmouths Her Company

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If there's one comedian you don't want to mess with, it's Leslie Jones.

The Saturday Night Live star is known for her outspoken personality and hilarious antics, but when her serious side comes out, it's not meant to be taken in stride.

On July 17, Jones unleashed her fury at Jessica Alba and her brand, the Honest Company, for their terrible service.

The 50-year-old actress said the natural baby products company "lost a good customer" after she failed to receive her "diaper cake," which are often composed of small toys and baby soaps wrapped in either a washcloth or blanket.

"Ok @Honest you just lost a good customer. @jessicaalba please address your company that is not doing good business," she wrote. "I have use [sic] your company for more than three years now and these last three orders have been a nightmare!! I have spend [sic] too much money here for that to happen!!"

When the Honest Company caught wind of Jones' anger, they made they made sure to publicly apologize for the mishap.

"We're so sorry your order was delayed. Our diaper cakes are handmade and can take 1-3 days to process," the tweet read. "We value your feedback and we're always looking for ways to improve. We appreciate your love for Honest - thank you for giving us the chance to make this right."

But, their apology landed on deaf ears, and she continued her rant, adding that they should cancel their next day delivery option.

"Next day air should not be a f*cking option. It should be made clear that the order is sent after processing which you don't do. It's not overnight if it gets there in a week. You charging me damn near 50 dollars for," Jones complained. "The last three orders were late. It wasn't like that before."

She added: "No worries I'm sure you not the only ones who sale diaper cakes!! So disappointed cause I've spent a lot of money with y'all!  @jessicaalba."

Alba would also offer a personal apology to the popular celebrity, and thanked her for "being a loyal Honest fan."

"Omg! I'm so so sorry you haven't had a great experience. We are all over this issue and will make it right. I am so appreciative and grateful to you for being a loyal Honest fan over the years, especially as we go through these growing pains. I'm a huge fan of yours🙏🏽. JA," the actress replied.

While Jones failed to acknowledge the Fantastic Four actress' response, it doesn't look like her scathing review will financially impact Alba's business.

After Alba became a mom in 2012, she started the Honest Company, which is now valued at about $1.7 billion.

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