Jessica Simpson Reveals Unborn Baby's Name, And People Have A Lot Of Opinions

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Jessica Simpson Reveals Unborn Baby's Name, And People Have A Lot Of Opinions

Instagram - Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is never ashamed to be herself. After over a decade in the industry, she's learned to shut the haters out and enjoy the life she's earned for herself. Simpson, who is a business woman, actress, and singer, married former NFL star Eric Johnson and together they started a beautiful family.

Simpson and Johnson are expecting their third child together, a little girl, within the next few weeks, and Simpson held a baby shower for the newest addition. In the background of one of the pictures, what seemed to be a very large hint towards what the baby's name will be.

The sign in the background reads "Birdie's Nest," which lead people to assume that Birdie would be the baby's name. Simpson also captioned each of her Instagram stories with the same phrase, making the hints that much more obvious.

Because the internet is the internet, people had a lot to say about Simpson's apparent choice in name.

"Please don't tell me she's naming the baby Birdie," one fan groaned.

"Do we think the [baby's] name will be Birdie?!" one fan wondered in the comments.

"Beautiful pic of you all...... but Birdie??? Poor kid!!!" someone else wrote.

Some people weren't as harsh, though.

"Birdie is a nickname for Elizabeth and Beatrice among other names. And was extremely popular in the 1880s," pointed out another. "I'm meeting a lot of baby these days with similar names."

"Birdie would be a cute nickname, not formal name," added another. "But being Jessica Simpson's daughter she will be in kinda a different world, not standard like ours so I don't think it would matter. She will blend in with the other kids.... North...True etc etc."

Regardless of the public disdain for the potential name, Simpson says her kids, Maxwell and Ace, are thrilled about their new sister.

"They're so excited because they're only fourteen months apart, so they didn't get to experience the excitement of each other," Simpson shared. "But when I told them that we're having another baby, I know that they'll remember that for the rest of their lives."

"They are most excited about learning how to do the swaddle. Maxwell, my daughter, is just so happy that it's a girl," she continued. "They ask me the craziest questions...'How does the baby come out?' 'Where does the milk come from, I don't understand!' I'm a little bit too honest, and Eric's like, 'I don't think we need to give out ALL the information, Jessica.' So, I'm scaring my kids, I think."

Personally, I think the name Birdie is pretty cute, and I don't know why everyone is so up in arms about it. Now, if she names the kid Birdie's Nest, we might have some issues...

What do you think of the name Birdie?

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