Jessica Simpson Gives Birth, And That Is One Big Baby

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Jessica Simpson Gives Birth, And That Is One Big Baby

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Jessica Simpson announced last year that she and her husband Eric Johnson were expecting their third child. It was a bit of shock, as the former pop star had said she didn't want any more kids after her first two, Maxwell Drew and Ace Knute.

At her baby shower, Simpson revealed that she would be naming the newest addition to the family Birdie, which is definitely a sweet name, albeit old-fashioned.

Simpson didn't necessarily have an easy pregnancy, experiencing a lot of bronchitis as well as foot swelling.

"After a week in the hospital for bronchitis (my fourth time in 2 months), I'm finally home!" Simpson wrote on Twitter. "Coughing with Birdie has been a crazy painful journey. I am getting healthier every day. Baby girl was monitored and is doing amazing! I am on my way to healthy!"

She shared images of her swollen ankles, which any pregnant woman will sympathize with.

It took the newer technique of cupping to reduce the inflammation, and it definitely worked.

Finally, after nine long months, Simpson and Johnson welcomed their newest bundle of joy, Birdie May Johnson on March 19th. She shared pictures of the newborn on her social media pages.

"We are so happy and proud to announce the birth of our perfect daughter, Birdie Mae Johnson.


10 Pounds 13 Ounces"

Now, the average weight of a baby at birth is between 5lbs 8oz and 8lbs 13oz, so for this baby to be 10lbs 13oz is pretty wild. When people got wind of the size of little Birdie Mae, they had nothing but praise for Simpson.

"pure horrified that jessica simpson gave birth to a child the same weight as a vaccum cleaner / small microwave oven / christmas ham / sack of potatoes i wouldn't be ABLE," one person wrote.

"Congrats to you and your fam! I delivered a 10lb Baby....couldn't imagine delivering a baby near 11lbs....props to you!" another commended her. "I bet she is beautiful "

"13oz . . . You are my hero! Well done and what a beautiful name!" someone else said.

Simpson is bound to have a lot of help around the house with the new baby, as her other two kids are always curious about pregnancy and how it works.

"They want to know every detail "” like how milk comes out of Mommy, how the baby will actually get here and if my belly button is a speaker to communicate with the baby," Simpson said. "[We] are constantly cracking up and trying to figure out how to be honest...but not traumatize them or the friends and teachers we know they are sharing every detail with!"

Congratulations to Simpson and Johnson on their newest little addition. Welcome to the world, Birdie Mae!

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