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Jessica Simpson Slammed By Mom-Shamers For Halloween Family Photo

Mere months after Jessica Simpson got herself in trouble with the parent police, she has once again pissed them off.

Back in June, the singer was called out for being a bad mother after she posted a photo of her 5-year-old daughter, Maxwell, on Instagram.

In the post captioned, "safety first," proud mom Jessica, wanted to share with the world the importance of children wearing helmets when riding bikes and scooters. However, the point was lost over her very opinionated followers because they were caught up with another detail of photo - Maxwell's attire.

Instagram/Jessica Simpson

The With You singer was shamed for posting a photo of Maxwell wearing a bikini on a public platform.

"This is an account anyone can see. Jessica shame on you for exposing your daughter instead of protecting her!" wrote one user.

Another person remarked, "A child posing like that... that's just creepy," remarked another mom-shamer. "If I had a daughter that age I [wouldn't let her] wear a tiny bikini like that and pose herself like a model."

Jessica did eventually take down the controversial photo, but continued to share other pictures of her family on social media, including a recent snap of their Halloween outing. The proud matriarch once again took to Instagram to share a photo of her family in their costumes, but it ended up landing her in hot water with the internet mommy-shamers yet again.

Jessica and her husband, Eric Johnson, dressed up as the musical duo Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, while their children went as cowboy and Belle.

Instagram/Jessica Simpson

As soon as the photo was posted, users began to point out that Maxwell's naturally blonde hair was significantly darker, prompting accusations that Jessica dyed her daughter's hair to look like Belle's.

Us Weekly

The entertainer and fashion designer was slammed for coloring her daughter's hair at "such a young age."

"Please don't tell me she dyed her daughter's hair!!" wrote one concerned user. Another added, "Why would you color your daughter's hair at such a young age????????????"

One follower complimented the family for their "great costumes," but took the opportunity to ask if Maxwell's hair was dyed.

"I hope not. Her blonde hair was so beautiful!!! Hopeful just temp wash out color [SIC]," she added.

As it turned out, Jessica did dye her daughter's hair for the special occasion, but she used a temporary spray color. A photo she posted about a week after Halloween showed that Maxwell's locks are blonde again, so the mom-shamers can relax now.

The many faces of #MAXIDREW

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Lately, Jessica just can't seem to catch a break on social media regardless of what she posts. Aside from the mom-shamming, she has recently been trolled for posting a photo wearing pigtails, which some people think wasn't age appropriate.

Instagram/Jessica Simpson

Back in September, she was under fire for flashing her butt in a tribute post celebrating her husband's 38th birthday.

Would you dye your child's hair for Halloween?

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