Pregnant Jessica Simpson Shares Warning After Hilarious Toilet Seat Mishap

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Pregnant Jessica Simpson Shares Warning After Hilarious Toilet Seat Mishap

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Jessica Simpson is nearing the end of her pregnancy with her third child, but the last trimester is proving to be a challenge.

Last month, the singer and fashion designer, who announced in September that she was expecting a baby girl, took to social media to share a relatable pregnancy struggle and ask for advice.

The "With You" singer posted a photo of her very swollen foot, asking fans for remedies that could help bring the swelling down.

Now, the mother-to-be is back with another, less serious, problem that everyone can have a good laugh about.

In a recent Instagram post, Simpson poses with a piece of a broken toilet seat, but it's how she got to that point that her fans found hilarious.

"Warning...Don't lean back on the toilet when pregnant," Simpson jokingly wrote in the caption.

Simpson has been very open about the complications she's had to deal with over the last couple of months.

The 38-year-old has discussed experiencing sciatica pain, bronchitis, anxiety, insomnia, and acid reflux.

She even splurged on a reclining chair so she could sleep without dealing with acid reflux.

Simpson's fans quickly responded to her posts, with many saying that she reminds them of their own pregnancies.

"I've never related more to a celebrity before," one fan quipped. "Pregnancy is wonderfully awful."

"This happened to me when I was pregnant with my daughter #noshame," one fan wrote about the toilet seat mishap.

In addition to pregnancy troubles, Simpson also revealed her upcoming daughter's name at her baby shower. The theme, which was "Birdie's Nest," led fans to believe that the baby will be named Birdie.

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It's unclear when Simpson is due, but we're hoping it's soon so she can get back to normal. We're wishing her a healthy rest of her pregnancy!

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