Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Holds Back Tears While Explaining His Son's Medical Condition

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Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Holds Back Tears While Explaining His Son's Medical Condition

As the host of his nightly talk show, we all count on Jimmy Kimmel to cheer us up and take our minds off the tougher parts of life. But the TV funnyman got serious last night while discussing his newborn son William "Billy" Kimmel.

Kimmel, who already has a 2 1/2-year-old daughter with his wife Molly, says that Billy was was born a few weeks ago, and seemed happy and healthy at first.

But when a very careful nurse noticed the baby had a heart murmur and was turning purple, the comedian found himself living every parent's worst nightmare.

Soon, Billy was transferred to the Los Angeles Children's Hospital. He was having trouble breathing, and Kimmel and his wife watched anxiously as doctors ran tests on him.

It turned out he was born with a blocked valve and a hole in the wall of his heart.

It took 3 hours of emergency surgery to save Billy's life, and while he's doing better now Kimmel says he will need at least 2 more surgeries. The host was moved to tears as he recounted these stressful events on his show last night.

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Kimmel tried to keep things light as he started his show last night, but the funnyman was choked up multiple times.

He thanked the nurses and doctors who saved his son, along with his band and his co-host Guillermo who all supported his family through the stressful experience, joking that even his TV nemesis Matt Damon sent flowers.

Through the tears, Kimmel managed to joke about adjusting to life with 2 young children, including how he made his daughter feel comfortable around the new baby.

Hopefully, there won't be any nasty surprises about Billy's health in the future. This just goes to show that even Hollywood stars experience heart-breaking tragedies, but its definitely hard to see someone as cheery as Kimmel break down and cry.

Thank goodness Kimmel's whole family is healthy and together now, let's all pray that they stay that way!

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