Photos Show Joanna Gaines Sizing Up J.Lo And A-Rod's Malibu Home


Photos Show Joanna Gaines Sizing Up J.Lo And A-Rod's Malibu Home

Jennifer Lopez / Joanna Gaines - Instagram

It turns out even big stars are hooked on HGTV reality shows, just like the rest of us.

While appearing on Ellen last month, singer Jennifer Lopez gushed about her love for Fixer Upper, and the special Magnolia-themed anniversary gift she received from her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.

Lopez admitted she's "obsessed" with the home improvement show, and apparently Rodriguez has been taking notes.

After the couple bought their own beachside "fixer upper" in Malibu, the former New York Yankees star arranged for Joanna Gaines to chat with Lopez on FaceTime about design ideas.

Lopez said she "fangirled" through the meeting. "It really blew me away."

While it was a dream come true for Lopez, it seemed like a friendly chat was all she got. As Lopez told DeGeneres, the Gaines "don't do anything outside of Waco," where their Magnolia businesses are based.

"Just help me a little bit," Lopez joked. "You don't even have to come out here."

Alex Rodriguez Jennifer Lopez Malibu home
Rodriguez and Lopez call their three-story beach house a "fixer upper."Alex Rodriguez - Instagram /

Somehow, it seems like Lopez might have convinced Joanna to break her rule.

The TV host was spotted taking in Lopez's house alongside Joanna and baby Crew this week, making fans wonder if a very special Fixer Upper could be in store.

Maybe we don't have J.Lo's exacting standards, but the three-level beach house looks like it's in tip-top condition already. Still, if anyone knows the difference a little shiplap and an antique lamp can make, it's Joanna Gaines.

The couple spent $6.6 million on the Malibu

Lopez and Rodriguez spent $6.6 million on the 4,400-square foot home, which once belonged to Entourage star Jeremy Piven. It was originally built in 1949, and features a private stretch of beach plus a floor-wide master suite on the upper level.

Based on everything we know, this was probably just a friendly visit for Joanna with some free advice for Lopez, but as the Fixer Upper couple return to TV, it's a serious possibility this project could become a double date for the Gaines and Lopez-Rodriguez families.

Alex Rodriguez Joanna Gaines
Left: Rodriguez poses with Jennifer Lopez and his daughters. Right: Joanna Gaines with her baby boy Crew.Alex Rodriguez / Joanna Gaines - Instagram

Lopez has already shared that her boyfriend has very different architectural taste, so it could make for a very entertaining show.

"He's a little bit more on the modern, masculine side," Lopez told DeGeneres. "He just goes all the way modern - like stones, and marble. I'm like, 'Can I have a pillow?'"

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Would you like to see Chip and Joanna tackle J.Lo's home?

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