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Heartbreaking Moment As Figure Skater Performs After Her Mom Suddenly Dies

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It's everyone's worst nightmare, having your mom pass away unexpectedly without being able to say goodbye. For Joannie Rochette, she had to live through this immense pain, while also competing at the Olympics.

At the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the Canadian figure skater was poised to make some noise on the international stage. Having won the silver medal in 2009, Rochette was the favorite to win gold at the Winter Games.

Sadly, two days before her medal performance, Rochette's mother, Therese, died of a massive heart attack at the apartment where she was staying. Rochette's father, Normand, found his wife passed out and tried to revive her, but it didn't work. She was taken to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

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At just 24 years old, Joannie had a decision to make, and it wasn't going to be easy.

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