Joe Biden Meets Biden, Your Newest Dog Crush

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Joe Biden Meets Biden, Your Newest Dog Crush

Joe Biden melted hearts with his authenticity and warm personality, now there's a new Biden in Washington and he's even cuter than the original.

Meet Biden, the Golden Retriever puppy named after the former Vice-president. He got the chance to meet his name-same on Capitol Hill when Joe Biden was in town to celebrate the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act.

Biden Puppy

"As soon as he saw the dog during the actual speech, he pointed at the dog, tapped his friend and then started cracking up," Sydney, the dog's owner, told Buzzfeed.

"Towards the end I signaled him and he gave me a wink to come over."

The two apparently hit it off as the esteemed politician bent down to let puppy Biden kiss him on the nose.

Biden Kiss

The rest is now internet history.

Sydney said she named her dog after Joe Biden because he was her favorite politician, which is true of many of us.

The dog is stepping into a spotlight of his own now, as his Instagram following is blowing up.

Biden Laptop

Biden, the man, wasn't asked about his puppy namesake as far as we know, but here's hoping there'll be more of both of them in the future!

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