John Cena Made A Young Fan's Dream Come True

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John Cena Made A Young Fan's Dream Come True

Lots of young kids look up to John Cena, but 12-year-old Payton Marion has more reasons than most to idolize the world-champion professional wrestler.

Payton is living with cerebral palsy, and has to do physical therapy to keep his muscles strong. This is a lot of hard work for someone so young, and to get through it Payton lives by Cena's motto: never give up.

Thanks to his father, Payton had a moment he will never forget this weekend when he actually got to meet his hero in person. With help from another wrestler, AJ Styles, Payton's dad Justin was able to arrange this heartwarming moment backstage at a recent show.

Payton and his dad were both very grateful that Cena took the time to greet them, especially because he hadn't been asked beforehand and he had wrestled in a match earlier that night.

"It means a lot to these kids that they take time out of their day to meet with them," Justin told WJHL, "especially after he had just got done with a big event, and I'm sure he was tired."

Then again, Cena is known for being generous with his time. He actually holds the record for the most Make-A-Wishes granted by a celebrity, personally meeting with more than 500 children with terminal diseases.

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