John Krazinski Mother's Advice Helped Him Land His Dream Job


John Krazinski Reveals How His Mother's Advice Helped Him Land His Dream Job

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Becoming a famous actor is no easy feat. Millions of people have dreams of hitting the big screen, but so few make it.

A lot of people wonder if there are some tricks that you can use to make it to the A-list a little bit quicker, but it seems like there is no formula.

When it comes to finding their way, John Krazinski knows just how difficult it can be. In fact, he almost gave up before he even got started! The only reason he persisted was actually because of his mother.

Krazinski is originally from Massachusetts where he had attended college with the intention of becoming a teacher. It wasn't until he transferred to a theater school (still with the intention of finishing his degree and becoming an English teacher) that he discovered his love of acting.

It was when he was leaving that school that he realized that he had to give it a try, and his mom was the best support he could have asked for.

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Krazinski told the story of how his mom gave him the advice he needed to give his dreams a chance.

"As soon as the car left the driveway I said 'I'm moving to New York and I'm going to be an actor.' And my mom paused for probably half a second, and she said, 'Great, go do it.'"

He continued by explaining what his mom's one stipulation for him pursuing his dream was, and it's actually very sweet.

His mom said, "The only thing I ask you, is in two and a half or three years if you don't have any sense this is going to happen, if you don't get a nibble or a bite in two and a half or three years, you have to make me one promise. You have to pull yourself out because as your mother you can't ask me to tell you to give up on your dreams."

He agreed, and moved to New York and tried to make his way. But as with many actors, the road wasn't easy and it took a long time.

"Cut to two and a half years later," Krazinski continued. "I was like, 'So I'm out. This is terrible, it's so scary. This is the worst, waiting tables is not as fun as they say.'"

But his mom wouldn't let him give up. "And she said, 'You know, it's September, just wait it out. Just wait it out until the  end of the year, Don't give up just yet.' I was ready, I was telling her to come get me."

Apparently mother's intuition really is something, because Krazinski stayed and landed something absolutely enormous. "Three weeks later I got The Office."

Obviously, Krazinski's mom had a good feeling about her son's chances, and now he's so appreciative. "So, I give her a lot of love and ten percent," he joked.

Source - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert / Mashable

It just goes to show you that a mother knows best. Has your mom ever given you advice that led to your entire life changing?