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John Stamos And Fiancee Are Getting Their Fairy-Tale Ending


If you were hoping to one day be the beau that brings home John Stamos, I'm afraid you are now officially too late. But maybe you can feel better knowing that the famous actor and his betrothed are quite possibly the cutest couple in Hollywood right now!

Stamos and his new fiancee, Caitlin McHugh, announced their engagement at the end of October and the more we find out, the more we can't get enough of these two!

Try to stay in the shade today fellow LA folk. ☀️

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The Fuller House star first dropped clues that he was actively seeing someone a little over a year and a half ago, when he was on The View and casually mentioned how he was messaging his girlfriend during a concert he was playing with the Beach Boys.

"The other night [during a concert], I grabbed my phone 'cause this girl I'm dating ... she loves this song, "˜Disney Girls.' So I put on FaceTime. ... I thought I could get away with but people were tweeting, "˜Who are you FaceTiming?!' "

The dashing groom-to-be popped the question at Disneyland, the couples favorite theme park, after showing her a film edited together to show the most romantic moments of Disney and Pixar movies.

So what makes her 'The One' for him?

They both love everything Disney

They're working on a film together

That look when @brittanyfurlan notices a couple ragged homeys 😳 #ingenueish @skitbags

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She is Fuller House family approved!

Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie Tanner in the original series and is reprising her role in the new show, explained how the cast acts as a family when it comes to meeting new significant others.

"I remember I told my fiancé, "˜Just so you know, you'll have to meet my family and then you'll have to meet my Full House family. And I'm not sure which is going to be tougher!' "

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