Jon Gosselin Is A Stripper Now


Jon Gosselin Is A Stripper Now

The family you love to hate.

The Gosselins are back in the news this week after Jon Gosselin announced he has a new job...and people are a little weirded out.

The former reality star, and father of 8, is joining the cast of Untamed Male Revue, a strip club in Atlantic City. That's right. Jon Gosselin is going to be be a stripper.

Reality TV star Jon Gosselin is making his MEN UNTAMED debut! It all happens April 1st here at Men Untamed! It's not too...

Posted by Untamed Male Revue on Thursday, March 23, 2017

The club describes itself as "Vegas style performance featuring the best male dancers in Atlantic City." The owner, Eric Millstein, confirmed the performance by Gosselin and says "it is R-rated, not X-rated." Meaning Jon won't be getting fully naked for the paying customers. But you will see him stripped down to his undies!

"Jon has been rehearsing every every week," Millstein says. "It's not cheesy or sleazy."

I think we will be the judge of that. From the looks of online reaction already, people aren't necessarily lining up to see Jon's performance.

"Ewwwwww!!! You couldn't pay me to go!"

"No one wants to see that"

"Just threw up. my mouth"


Neither Jon nor Kate have actually spoken out on the matter, but if history tells us anything, Kate will have something to say.

There's no word on how much Jon is getting paid to do this, but it has to be a pretty big paycheck for him to do this, don't you think?

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