Josh Groban Stuns Crowd With Sensational Performance

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Josh Groban Stuns Crowd With Sensational Performance

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Josh Groban has always been one of my favorite musicians. His voice is something so spectacular, I don't think anyone can match his tone and talent. I always rush out to the store when his newest album is released, so when I heard that Groban was releasing a live album, I was totally excited.

The newest album, Josh Groban Bridges Live: Madison Square Garden, also comes with a DVD of one of his concerts, featuring some truly spectacular performances. Groban spoke to Billboard about why he chose Madison Square Garden to perform, and he sounds extremely passionate about his choice.

The Garden is a place that holds so many special memories for us. I'll never forget the first time I played there. Just feeling like the love from the city is something that you never forget. It's a very intimidating place to play, it's a very intimidating city to play in, and when you feel like you're embraced by that venue and by the city as a performer, there really isn't anything better.

And so we knew we were coming back around to the Garden with this show, we knew we had something really special and we just said, "Let's film it. Let's set up a bunch of cameras and hope for the best." And you never know when you're just filming one night live whether or not you're gonna capture what you want to capture, but we knew that a certain specialness always happens at The Garden.

And so we did! We set up a ton of cameras and the resulting night was one that we were just so happy was captured, and now we're just so excited that people are going to be able to see it.

When Groban says it was something truly special, he's not wrong. The singer performed a rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Water," and it's one of the best performances I have ever heard, either live or recorded. Just watch for yourself!

The comments about Groban's performance were nothing but praise, as people couldn't believe how pure his sound is.

"The best voice on the planet!" Brad Cowan said.

"The most beautiful voice in the world! God bless you,  always Josh..." Missy wrote.

"Josh, you get better every day," Sara Dobbins commended. "You are the best by far because of your steadfast support of where you have come from and what you want to bring to the world. We've been with you forever."

Groban has always and will always be one of, if not the best in his field, and this performance definitely proves it.

What did you think of his rendition of the song?

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