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Judge Orders Man To Write Nice Things About His Ex

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At some point in their lives, just about everyone has had to endure an ugly breakup.


A breakup is never a smooth thing to navigate. It almost always catches one of the two people in the relationship off guard, emotions run very, VERY high, things are said in combinations of anger, pain, and sadness, and sometimes things get out of hand. And that's even just the tame ones!


There have been plenty of further stories of breakups getting dangerous for one of the people involved, as partners with a tendency to be abusive can often resort to physical, mental, or sexual abuse to try to prevent their partner from leaving them. These incidents have resulted in plenty of cases where law enforcement were called to get involved, ultimately requiring restraining orders, or even arrests against a partner that couldn't accept being told "I'm leaving you."

Bon Vita

Suffice it to say, breakups can often be very serious, and thus need to be taken very seriously by everyone involved. With this in mind, we come to a recent story in which a man decided to violate his ex's legally-protected boundaries, and was given a very unusual sentence by the presiding judge...

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