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Judges Can't Believe What Comes Out Of This 5-Year-Old Girl's Mouth

When a small child comes onto the stage at a talent competition it can go one of two ways. Sometimes, the kids are cute but not necessarily what the contest is looking for so the judges are left to break their little hearts, but then other times a kid like this comes out and blows everyone away.

5-year-old Heavenly Joy tried out for America's Got Talent and she immediately melted the hearts of the entire audience. When Howard Stern asks what she would do with the million dollar prize she surprised them by saying that she would give away all the money because "some people don't even have any clothes". The sweetest little kid ever!

The judges reactions are perfect. You just see them all completely shocked by the enormous voice coming out of this tiny human. In her critique, one of the judges says she must have of Shirley Temple's spirit in her and she replies that "it's not Shirley Temple, it's Jesus".

You have to watch her, she is the most adorable kid ever.

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