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The Terrible Secret That Led To A Beloved Child Star's Murder

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Lighting Their Way Home

It’s hard to imagine that a child’s life could be filled with anything but love and affection, but for young Judith Barsi, her childhood was anything but ordinary. Some may assume that becoming a Hollywood star would be the dream, but for Judith, her dream quickly turned into a nightmare.

How It All Started

Judith was discovered when she was only five years old. It was 1983, and the young girl was at a skating rink at the same time that a commercial was being shot. The crew members noticed her and helped her land her first commercial for Donald Duck Orange Juice.

She would go on to star in over 50 commercials in her short career. Her parents were thrilled with their child’s success, at least at first. Her parents, Joszef and Maria Barsi, were both from Hungary. They met in California where they were married and had their daughter. It was well known that Maria had always wanted their daughter to become a star.

But she didn’t know that it was that drive that would create a situation that would lead to her daughter’s death.

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