Could A Fellow "Teen Mom" Star Be Taking One Of Jenelle's Kids?

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Could A Fellow "Teen Mom" Star Be Taking One Of Jenelle's Kids?


Everything is kind of up in the air right now for Jenelle Evans and her kids, after all three of them were removed from her home after her husband, David Eason, viciously murdered the family dog, Nugget. According to Eason, the dog nipped at 2-year-old daughter Ensley's face, and that was enough for him.

Since the whole situation occurred, local authorities and CPS have been involved, concluding that it was unsafe for Evans' kids to remain in her care. Jace, 9, Kaiser, 4, and Ensley, 2, were all taken from the house. Jace and Ensley are with Evans' mom Barbara, who already has primary custody of Jace. Kaiser is currently living with is father Nathan Griffith, but Evans said it was never communicated to her that this would be happening.

"Kaiser was taken from his daycare by his grandmother with no notice or call to me," the reality star said to Us Weekly. "CPS told Doris to take Kaiser without my consent and still have no legal paperwork signed by the judge stating my kids are taken from me. Nathan and I have talked briefly regarding this situation. [He] and I are to appear in court later this month."

The entire situation is complicated, as Evans has been fired from Teen Mom 2, but it doesn't appear that any charges have actually been laid, plus she wasn't the one who killed the dog. In fact, she was completely distraught that it happened. Since she got fired by MTV, the big question has been how the show will go on. Evans undoubtedly brought a lot of drama with her, and fellow co-star Kailyn Lowry says that it ended up being more of a distraction.

"I think that people did watch the show for Jenelle and I don't think that that can be denied," Lowry, told TMZ when they caught up with her. "I think the drama is hurting the show and it's unfortunate for those who have worked really hard to kind of rebuild our reputation."

"There's a difference between daily drama and drama that involves criminal activity," Lindsie Chrisley, Lowry's friend, chimed in.

"And hurting living things," Lowry added.

An interesting bit from the chat is when Lowry brings up the notion that she may be the one to take Ensley.

"People are messaging me and asking me if I'll take Ensley, so I'm like, "˜Ohhh, I don't know. I don't want to get involved.' I'm not considering it at this time, but I hope that the children are ... happy and healthy overall."

It's weird to say that she's "not considering it," because that concept hasn't really been brought up at all. Plus, there's such a dramatic and tenuous history between Evans and Lowry. Lowry sent Evans a "peace offering" after she launched a haircare line, and Evans lit it on fire and posted the video on Instagram. I can't imagine they ever made a deal to take each others' children in case of an emergency. That being said, MTV may have suggested it to make for better television.


Lowry has only publicly commented on the situation one other time, which was after Evans was fired from the show.

"I have refrained from commenting on the disturbing situation involving David Eason and Jenelle Evans while I wrapped my head around the murder of Nugget," Lowry wrote on Instagram. "To say I am disgusted and appalled over David's actions doesn't begin to touch on my true feelings. Being the owner of dogs myself, I am heartbroken and sickened by what happened to Nugget. I hope that Jenelle and her children are safe and take the necessary steps to get the help that is clearly needed."


Evans and Eason appeared in court this week to discuss the matter of custody of the kids, but there's been no word as to what was specifically discussed or if any decisions were made.

What do you think of this whole situation?

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