"Teen Mom 2" Star Pregnant With Baby No. 4

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"Teen Mom 2" Star Pregnant With Baby No. 4

It looks like congratulations are in order for Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry, after she confirmed that she's pregnant with baby number 4. Lowry, who shares son Isaac with her ex Joe, son Lincoln with her ex Javi, and son Lux with her ex Chris, made the announcement on Instagram after the baby's great-aunt seemed to spill the beans.

It's been confirmed that Chris Lopez, with whom Lowry shares Lux, is the father of the reality TV star's fourth child. His aunt broke the news on Instagram before Lowry could announce it herself, saying “Wanna give a big congratulations to @kailynsfamily on the new addition [due] july 25.. Cant wait to meet baby number 2 for us- 4 for her." That's when fans became suspicious. On February 4th, Lowry confirmed the news and announced her partnership with the app Peanut.  

We’re confirming the news, baby #4 is coming soon! 🎉I’m almost 16 weeks pregnant & it’s been a rough few months this time around. I've had nausea, morning sickness, and absolutely no energy. 😭 This week I’m starting to feel a bit better and I'm really hoping it stays this way!🤰🏻

@Peanut has been an amazing support for me since I found out I was pregnant again. Going through nausea and morning sickness while trying to keep the news a secret can be quite isolating. There are so many helpful threads on the app from other women who have been through it too. It's always reassuring to know you're not alone.

Whether you're already a mom, pregnant, or trying to conceive, I really recommend you join the @peanut community. It's an amazing space to build friendships, find support and learn from other women at a similar stage in life. There's nothing like support from other women to get you through. ❤ #Peanutapp

It came as quite a surprise to fans for a number of reasons. In October of 2019, Lowry said that she wanted "no more babies until there’s a ring on my finger." That hasn't happened, but who knows what's coming in the future?

Another reason fans were surprised was that Lopez and Lowry have had a rocky relationship since before Lux was born. They seemed to have been working things out recently, and the fact that they're having another baby would suggest they've gotten closer. After it was announced that Lopez was the father of Lowry's most recent baby, one fan accused him of being abusive and a deadbeat. Lowry didn't take kindly to this.

“You can sit the f–k down [and] don’t speak on people you know nothing about,” she responded. “I don’t give one single f–k. Don’t talk about my baby dad. You don’t know s–t.”

This pregnancy already hasn't been easy for Lowry, who is experiencing something called subchorionic hematomas, which is defined as “painless bleeding that usually occurs in the first trimester.”

“I had this with Lux & I have it again this time around,” the Teen Mom 2 star, 27, wrote in an Instagram story. She also revealed that she's getting "progesterone shots every week again." This was also something she had done with Lux.

Obviously Lowry's life is her own to do with as she chooses, and she's definitely got the financial means to support them, but I just hope that the fathers are all part of their children's lives no matter how complicated things get.

Congratulations to Chris and Kailyn!

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