"Teen Mom 2" Star Says She Won't Vaccinate Son Because Of Netflix

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"Teen Mom 2" Star Says She Won't Vaccinate Son Because Of Netflix

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Let me start off by saying that I believe in vaccinating kids. I personally think it's irresponsible not to, and that when you choose not to vaccinate your kids, you're putting everyone else at risk. But I also understand that every parent has the right to decide whether or not they want to vaccinate their own child. I think if you do the proper research and have legitimate reasons to not give your child vaccines, well then that's your choice.

That being said, when Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry spoke about not vaccinating her youngest son, Lux, it irritated me a little bit, mainly based on her logic.

On Lowry's podcast, "Coffee Convos," a listener posed the question about vaccinations to the mom of three and her co-host.

"Wondering if you and Kail can talk about the well-known controversy of vaccines," the listener asked. "I'm a mother of three and I've always said that I would never be "˜that mom,' but recently I've read so many horrifying stories about vaccines like the MMR [measles, mumps, and rubella], some absolutely devastating stories."

Lowry, who is mom to Isaac, 9, Lincoln, 5, and Lux, 18 months, carefully crafted her answer to the question.

"I definitely think this is a controversial topic, and I don't want to lose listeners because of my opinion "” but, I did vaccinate Isaac, because to me, I didn't know any better, and I gave "” I let them vaccinate him with whatever they basically said that he needed," she shared. "And I feel like I was ignorant, and didn't do research, and didn't know any better."

But then Lowry went on to explain why she chose not to give her next son all of his vaccines, and it's a very millennial answer.

"With Lincoln, I knew a little bit more, and I started to research more, and that's when I think the conversations of vaccines started to really be going on with me and my friends that became moms," she said. "And there were documentaries on Netflix, and all kinds of, just, news that I would try to look into. Lincoln did not get all of his vaccines. I definitely picked and chose which ones I felt like were necessary, and he did not get them all at once."

Really? Because of Netflix documentaries? I could understand if you spoke with a doctor who advised you against certain ones, but no one should be taking medical advice from Netflix.

Lowry's youngest isn't vaccinated at all, and she says it's going to stay that way.

"He hasn't ever really been sick, and for me, I just think the more research that I do, and the more educated I've become, I just don't vaccinate him," she told listeners. "So, that's my opinion, and I don't judge Lindsey [her co-star] if she chooses to vaccinate, or anyone else who chooses to vaccinate "” that's your prerogative. You're a parent, you know what's best for your child, and I'm not here to judge."

Of course, Lowry's comments about vaccination, or lack thereof, made the rounds, and people criticized the reality star for her opinions. But in a (rare) mature move, the gave a pretty non-controversial response to the haters.

"I mean, I guess the only thing I can really say and continue to stand for is to parent how it's best for your child and family," she said. "People don't love everything I do but I don't shove my beliefs down anyone else's throat. I know what's best for my kids and other parents know what's best for theirs."

I don't personally agree with Lowry's decision, but I respect her right to do what she thinks is best for her kids.

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Do you think Kailyn is making the right call?

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