Kate Middleton Opens Up About A Parenting Struggle Every Mom Can Relate To

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Kate Middleton Opens Up About A Parenting Struggle Every Mom Can Relate To

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Being a parent is already one of the hardest jobs out there, so we can't even begin to imagine what it is like for Kate Middleton and Prince William to raise three very young children while consistently carrying out their official royal duties.

We may never know all of the details of their family life, but both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have previously shared tidbits on what it is like for them to be parents.

More recently, during a visit to the London charity Family Action, Kate opened up about some of the challenges of being a mom to five-year-old Prince George, three-year-old Princess Charlotte, and eight-month-old Prince Louis.

Despite having a nanny and a housekeeper, Kate, like any other mom, still finds motherhood to be "so hard," and it doesn't seem to get easier as her children continue to grow.

"You get a lot of support with the baby as a mother particularly in the early days but after the age of one it falls away," the 37-year-old said, according to The Daily Mail.

She continued, "After that there isn't a huge amount - lots of books to read. Everybody experiences the same struggle."

The volunteers who had the chance to sit down and chat with the duchess applauded her for talking about an issue that every parent can relate to regardless of wealth.

"Why she's a great supporter of our service is that she does recognize that families have the same pressures and struggles and she's no exception," said a Family Action volunteer, according to E! News.

"She may have slightly different circumstances to the rest of us but, you know, being a parent is being a parent," they added.

Kate, who has always been a vocal advocate for family support and mental health services, visited the charity to launch a volunteer-run national helpline called FamilyLine.

The telephone, text, and email service is for anyone who is struggling with their family life, including parenting, relationship troubles, debt, addiction, and mental health.

The service will be able to provide the support that so many moms, dads, and caregivers desperately need. Sometimes it can feel like you're alone, so it's important to know that there are others out there, even if they're a royal, who can relate, and offer help.

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