Kate Middleton's Beauty Expert Explains How She Gets Her Flawless Skin

It's not every day the person behind both Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Middleton's makeup reveals her best tricks, so take notes.

Deborah Mitchell is the brain behind Heaven Skincare, which is famous in the UK for their unusual products like face masks that contain bee venom.

Her famous clients are well known for their great skin, and during a recent appearance on ITV's This Morning, Mitchell spilled her secret. The good news is you don't need to buy any expensive products. The bad news is, it's pretty weird.

Mitchell showed the hosts how to make a simple face mask from Nutella, sugar and lip balm. It may be a little unconventional but she swears it works.

She also shared a completely organic way to keep your feet looking nice: mush up some bananas and avocados, then fill a sock with them. If you wear the sock your feet will be smooth and soft - after you wash them off of course.

Will you be trying any of her weird beauty tips?

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