Katie Holmes Steps Out With Daughter During Rare Appearance

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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise seemed like a perfect match. Despite their age difference, their love was strong. Holmes recalls having a big crush on Cruise when she was younger, so marrying him was a dream come true.

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However, their marriage was short-lived. In 2012, Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Cruise, leaving custody of their then-6-year-old daughter, Suri, up in the air. Rumors swirled about the cause of their split, but Cruise's Scientology ties are the most likely cause. That being said, Holmes doesn't regret her marriage to the movie star.

"I really enjoy my life," she said "I don't really regret anything that I've done. I've learned from everything, and everything sort of leads you to the next place. I just keep going."

After the split, Holmes and Cruise kept their lives private, including Suri. Any picture of her was considered a rarity, and it was speculated that Cruise's Scientology beliefs were keeping them apart.

"It's been more than three years since Tom has seen Suri," an insider shared. "And he hasn't celebrated Thanksgiving or Christmas with her [in person] since she was 6."

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Both Holmes and Cruise have moved on with their lives, with Holmes now dating actor and musician Jamie Foxx. Suri lives with her mom full time, and she seems to be living a normal life.

However, Suri stepped out for an extremely star-studded event (with mom Katie, too) and it's clear that the young girl is taking after her mom's looks!

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