Keanu Reeves Keeps Crashing People's Weddings, But He Seems To Love It


Keanu Reeves Keeps Crashing People's Weddings And Everyone Loves It


A couple spends months planning their special day, making sure the food is good, the flowers are delivered, and the guest list is set, but every once in a while something goes wrong. Whether it's a delivery mishap or a drunk relative, it seems like weddings are recipes for disasters.

For a lot of couples the worst thing they could imagine is having someone show up uninvited to the wedding. Wedding crashing seems to happen often enough because there was a movie made about it.

There does however, seem to be one type of person that everyone is okay with crashing their wedding: Celebrities.

The internet is filled with stories of couples running into celebrities while out taking wedding photos and then out of nowhere an actor pops up and chats with them.

One celebrity seems to be making a bit of a habit of this wedding crashing behavior though. Keanu Reeves has been spotted posing with couples on their wedding day more than once.

A few months ago, a post on Reddit showed a couple posing with a very excited Reeves in a bar on their wedding day. The brother of the groom later pointed out that it wasn't as though Reeves was going around looking for a wedding to crash, instead he was having lunch at the restaurant next to their ceremony site, and a friend asked them if he would take a picture with the happy couple.

"Brother of the groom here. We actually approached him while he was minding his own business at the bar and asked to meet and take a picture. We heard he was hanging out in the bar and we wanted to meet him obviously. He was awesome and shook our hands and took the pic with the bride and groom and we didn't see him again for the rest of the wedding. No "crashing" involved at all."

They aren't the only couple to get a picture with Reeves though. Another couple ran into him on the streets of New York and he happily took a photo with them as well.

It seems like Reeves may have a soft spot for couples in love, or he is just a really good sport. He joins a few other big names who have been known to pop into wedding pictures as well, including Tom Hanks, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Brad Pitt, and John Travolta.

Source - Popsugar / NTD

If you could have any celebrity show up at your wedding, who would you want to be there?