Kelly Clarkson 'Can't Stop Crying' After The Voice Contestant Sang This

The Voice always gives us great content. But one performer brought almost everyone to tears with her emotional performance of the Kelly Clarkson balled "Piece by Piece."

The song is about Kelly's father and how he abandoned her when she was young. The song describes Kelly's husband and how amazing he is to their children. Clarkson performed the song recently on American Idol and could not keep her composure.

Stephanie Rice, a contestant on The Voice, chose "Piece by Piece" as her audition song and blew everyone away. Her sultry, emotional tone made Blake hit his buzzer within seconds.

"My father is a pastor, and they disowned me,” Rice said, getting choked up. “And I’ve been taking that brokenness and emotion, I’ve been channeling it into the only form I knew how, which is through music.”

Kelly Clarkson herself caught wind of the performance and tweeted out her reactions.

If you watch nothing else today, make sure you watch this incredibly moving performance. It brought tears to my eyes.

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