Kelly Clarkson And Jennifer Hudson Perfomed A Heavenly Christmas Duet On 'The Voice' Finale

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Kelly Clarkson And Jennifer Hudson Perfomed A Heavenly Christmas Duet On 'The Voice' Finale

Trae Patton - NBC

Christmas music is pretty much inescapable this time of year, as it follows us to the office, through the mall, and back home on just about every TV show.

But some Christmas performances break through the noise and make us take notice, like this powerful duet from the finale of The Voice's 15th season.

While 16-year-old country singer Chevel Shepherd won the night's top prize, it was judges Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson who took to the stage for a performance of "O Holy Night."

Kelly Clarkson the Voice
Kelly Clarkson's singer Chevel Shepherd was crowned season 15's winner.Trae Patton - NBC

Of course, these two best-selling artists have incredible voices, but the simple piano arrangement, and the choir backing them up, combined to make the performance even better.

It was just the song we needed to make us forget about "Jingle Bell Rock" for a few minutes - sorry, it must be stuck in your head again!

While their performance was a hit, the moment must have been bittersweet for both Clarkson and Hudson, for two very different reasons.

Season 15 will be Hudson's last on The Voice, as singer John Legend will be filling her spot in the big red chair next year.

Meanwhile, Clarkson revealed she was feeling under the weather during the show, which only makes her incredible performance that much more impressive.

"I told Jennifer to hit her notes louder tonight so that people wouldn't notice how sick I was," she revealed after the live finale.

The night before, Clarkson tweeted that she had been sick "for over a week and I can't shake it. It's time for a Christmas break!"

Fans obviously didn't notice that Clarkson wasn't feeling her best, because they had nothing but compliments for the duo on Twitter after their performance.

"Beautiful Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson ["O Holy Night"] just epic," one fan wrote.

"Oh God," said another, "Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson are singing my favorite Christmas song ever. TOGETHER."

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Were you impressed by their performance?

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