Kelsey Grammer's Wife Forced Him To Get Her Name Tattooed On His Crotch


Kelsey Grammer's Wife Forced Him To Get Her Name Tattooed On His Crotch

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Although he's known for his iconic role as Dr. Frasier Crane on Emmy-winning shows Cheers and its spin-off show Frasier, Kelsey Grammer's early life could be the inspiration for a television series of its own.

Raised by his single mother and his grandparents, Grammer's childhood was marked with tragedy, which first began following the murder of his father, Frank Allen Grammer, and the scuba-diving incident that claimed the life of his two half-brothers.

When the budding actor was 20 years old, his beloved sister, Karen Grammer, 18, was  abducted, raped and murdered while working at a Red Lobster in 1975.

Kelsey and Karen Grammer
Kelsey and Karen GrammerFind A Grave

Grammer, who had to identify Karen's body, said the devastation led to years of alcohol abuse and drug addiction to deal with the pain. While he eventually forgave Karen's killer, Freddie Glenn, he has been staunchly opposed to his release.  

"I miss her in my bones," Grammer had wrote to the parole board. "I was her big brother. I was supposed to protect her"”I could not.... It very nearly destroyed me."

But, years after his sister's death, Grammer went on to have a successful Hollywood career, despite the emerging scandals surrounding him.

The 63-year-old has had a tumultuous love life, but finally settled down in 2011 when he married his fourth wife, Kayte Walsh, only two weeks after getting divorced from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer.

Kelsey and Camille Grammer
Kelsey and Camille GrammerJon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

It was later revealed that Grammer had cheated on his wife of 14 years with Walsh, a former flight attendant, which lead to the acrimonious divorce.The Last Tycoon actor admitted he wished he had come clean about his affair when it first began.

"It was the wrong decision," he said. "I should have come home from England when I first met Kayte and said, "˜Listen, I've met somebody and this hasn't been working for a long time.' And I regret not doing that," Grammer told Anderson Cooper in 2012.

"It was very painful and uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable for Kayte, it was uncomfortable for all of us," he said. "There are a ton of things that I do regret but I can't spend my life apologizing. ... We make mistakes in life, but hopefully we're with people who know how to forgive."

Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh
Kelsey Grammer and Kayte WalshBravo

But, after four wives and seven children, Grammer has finally revealed his secret to a happy marriage on Conan, which certainly isn't traditional.

"It was more of sort of an ownership thing," Grammer told Conan O'Brien. "My wife said, "˜Why don't you get a tattoo?' I guess it was sort of based on the idea that if ever I thought maybe a peccadillo outside the marriage was a good idea, that whoever might be ... you know ... [seeing] this particular piece of equipment [would see it] was already signed and owned by someone named Kayte."

Grammer said he got the ink, which is half an inch tall, on his crotch 14 months after he and Walsh tied the knot. It set him back $60.

Would you ever get a tattoo of your partner's name? Let us know in the comments!

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