The Current Generation Of Kennedys Are Basically Clones Of The Older Generation

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The Current Generation Of Kennedys Are Basically Clones Of The Older Generation

JFK Library

If it wasn't for the legacy of one of the most beloved U.S. Presidents, John F. Kennedy, we wouldn't know much about the lives of his family members.

Indeed, the Kennedy lineage has stood the test of time. Many of them hold prominent positions in American politics, and their children continue to follow that path. However, that's not the only thing this family has in common. There's an uncanny resemblance between many of the Kennedys. And I mean many!  

Here are six images that prove the Kennedy genes are mighty powerful.

JFK and JFK Jr.

Ivy Style / Huffington Post

Like father, like son! The lawyer, journalist, and magazine publisher may not have followed the same career path as his father, but his life has been a major success so far. What's amazing about this duo is that they look so similar to each other. It's natural for a son to look like their father, but to be an exact replica is another thing!

We knew this one would have been obvious, but how about some of the other family members?

Jack Schlossberg and JFK Jr.

Caroline Kennedy's son, Jack, looks nearly identical to his uncle, JFK Jr. If you also agree, then you definitely see the resemblance between JFK's grandson and the former president himself.

Rose Schlossberg and Jackie Kennedy

Caroline's son looks like her brother, and her daughter, Rose, looks like her mother! If I didn't know this was Rose, I would have definitely thought Rose's image was a colorized photo of the former First Lady. The granddaughter has the same brunette hair, smile, wide set eyes, and slender body shape.

Jean Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy

Wikipedia / The Daily Beast

We've been so focused on J.F.K.'s brothers that we sometimes forget the former president had two sisters. Jean Kennedy, who was once the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, looks very similar to J.F.K.'s daughter, Caroline. While their hair is different, every other feature of their face is the same. Caroline's thin lips, big eyes, pointy nose, and gentle smile is the same as her aunt's.

Mark Kennedy Shriver and Robert F. Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy | Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights / Zimbio

Another person that doesn't get much media attention is JFK's sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Her son, Mark, looks very similar to her brother, Robert F. Kennedy. However, Mark isn't the only one who looks like the former U.S. Attorney General.

Robert F. Kennedy and Joe Kennedy III

The Tennessean / People

Robert has another doppleganger: Joseph Kennedy II's son, Joe Kennedy III. I guess Rose is not the only child who looks like their grandparent!

What other Kennedys look surprisingly similar in your eyes?

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