Kenny Rogers Cancels His Farewell Tour Due To "Health Challenges"

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Kenny Rogers Cancels His Farewell Tour Due To "Health Challenges"


More than six decades after his career began, it's still hard to name a bigger star in the world of country music than Kenny Rogers.

With more than 120 hit singles, Rogers is one of the best-selling musicians of all time.

He has never stopped releasing new music, but his fans are still listening to his classics like "Lady" and "The Gambler" to this day.

But if you were hoping to catch one last performance by the musical icon, you're out of luck.

"A series of health challenges,"

Kenny Rogers on the Today show.

Rogers announced he would be retiring in 2015, during an appearance on the Today show.

But he scheduled one last world tour, "The Gambler's Last Deal," with a number of dates across the United States.

This week, the 79-year-old musician announced he was scrapping the tour on his doctor's orders, after facing "a series of health challenges."

"His doctors fully expect the outcome to be great," a rep for Rogers told ABC.

"But they have advised him to cancel all performances through the end of the year to focus on recuperation."

The statement didn't give any more information about what kind of medical issues Rogers is facing, but the country legend has shared a few revealing details with fans in interviews.

"My mobility is really driving me crazy."

Rogers has been open in interviews about the effects of aging on his body, and announced he wanted to quit before "I started embarrassing myself."

"Every day is not a holiday," he told Fox News. "I can't do it like I used to do it."

Kenny Rogers
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Specifically, Rogers confessed to Rolling Stone that his "mobility has gotten kind of strange, and I don't like to be on stage and have to apologize."

"I'm getting to where I don't walk around well," he told People. "My mobility is really driving me crazy."

Rogers also shared an Instagram photo of himself after having skin cancer removed last year.

"I recommend everyone get get checked," he warned his fans.

Kenny Rogers skin cancer photo Instagram.
_kennyrogers / Instagram

Retiring for good

It's unclear if Rogers will be setting more concert dates to make up for the ones he cancelled.

He said last year there would be no "comeback" tours.

"That's always been kind of a rub with me when people retire 10 times," he said.

"I'm going out because I need to go out and I'm going to enjoy my time at home with my wife and kids. I'm going to enjoy every moment of it."

Kenny Rogers and his wife Wanda Miller.
Rogers and his wife Wanda MillerReuters

Rogers is married to Wanda Miller, and has five children from four of his marriages (including two with Miller).

"I really want to be there with my kids and my wife," Rogers said.

"They're very important to me and I don't see enough of them."

Our thoughts and prayers are with Rogers and his family! Here's hoping the Gambler makes a speedy recovery!

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