Netflix Spent A Ridiculous Amount Of Money To Get Rid Of Kevin Spacey

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Netflix Spent A Ridiculous Amount Of Money To Get Rid Of Kevin Spacey


In the closing weeks of 2017, the world learned the truth about Kevin Spacey and his perverted past.

When Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of molesting him when he was a 14-year-old boy, the actor refused to deny the allegations and instead attempted to overshadow the claims by revealing that he is gay.

However, the world refused to be distracted from the real issue. After a massive uproar from fans, the studios that Spacey was working with immediately fired him and either found replacements for his roles, or canceled the projects entirely.

Ridley Scott's movie All the Money in the World actually recast Spacey with Christopher Plummer with only several weeks before the films release.

Netflix followed suit and dropped the leading star from House of Cards after Rapp's claims were made, and several men and women on the hit political drama stepped forward to confirm their own experiences of sexual harassment.

They also cancelled their other ongoing projects with the shamed actor, and it came at quite the cost.

Besides the 53-time Emmy nominated show House of Cards, Netflix was working on another large-scale project that exclusively highlighted Spacey.

Gore, a biopic on political writer and public icon Gore Vidal, was cancelled instead of recast.

The streaming service announced that it would be taking a loss in their fourth quarter, equal to $39 million, which many believe comes from the projects affected by Spacey.

The Chief Financial Officer for Netflix, David Wells, elaborated on the loss by admitting that the changing social atmosphere played a role in the write-down.

"We just hadn't had one of this magnitude and related to the societal reset around sexual harassment, so it was somewhat unusual in that respect," he said.

There are currently three ongoing investigations of sexual assault against Spacey, with over 30 individuals having come forward to claim they were victimized by the actor.