Kids Give Themselves Chemical Burns In Internet Challenge

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Kids Give Themselves Chemical Burns In Internet Challenge

Warning: Graphic images may upset some readers.

An old social media challenge is new again as increasing numbers of children are giving themselves chemical burns to prove their pain tolerance.

The latest and strangest internet challenge to reach kids today is the "salt and ice challenge." We've seen it before, but as it's popularity picks up speed, more children are being rushed to the hospital and treated for frostbite.

Kids are challenging each other to place salt and ice together on their skin. The salt lowers the temperature to as low as negative 17 degrees Celsius (1.4 degrees Farenheit) causing potential second-degree burns.

Children are testing each other's pain tolerance - the longer they can withstand the ice and salt, the more likes and shares they're getting.

Parents, talk to your children about this ridiculous dare. If your child has suffered a burn do the following:

1. Run it under cool water for  at least 10 minutes

2. Do not treat with ice, gels or creams

3. Once the burn has cooled, cover it with gauze.

4. If the burn is on their hands, face, feet or is larger than a person's hand, seek medical attention immediately.

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Stop this trend from happening - pass it on to every parent you know!