Kim Kardashian Leaves Fans Baffled Over New Body Modification

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Kim Kardashian Leaves Fans Baffled Over New Body Modification

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Whether you notice it or not, every season's fashion trends all stems from Hollywood's hottest stars.

One of these celebrities is none other than Kim Kardashian, who rose to fame from her family's reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Since 2007, we've seen her style evolution transform her from uncoordinated fashion choices to an avant-garde trendsetter, but her newest look has left her fans in confusion.

While it's speculated that Kardashian has had surgical enhancements on her nose, breasts and bum, the socialite has debuted what appears to be a choker necklace inserted into her skin.

Although the body modification isn't real, the elaborate piece of jewelry, which is made by the fashion brand, A. Human, is synced to her heartbeat and glows in the dark.

"My necklace glows like a heartbeat," Kardashian said in a snapchat video video. "It moves to the rhythm of my heartbeat. Thank you A. Human."


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Fans were quick to voice their opinions on Kardashian's fashion statement, and they didn't mince their words.

"Nice dog collar where is her leash," one commenter wrote.

"Love u [Kim]. But this is a big no ...your brand is not this and it just look so disgusting...hope this is a joke," someone else chimed in.

"Human stupidity in all its splendor," another said.

However, the KKW Beauty founder isn't the only one participating in this new trend.

Kardashian's close friend Chrissy Teigan posted an Instagram story where she's seen rocking nude-colored wings that appear to be growing out of her chest.

"Thank you A. Human for my new feathers! I'm feeling it," the cookbook writer said in the clip.

It was a hit with her two-year-old daughter Luna, who can be heard in the background exclaiming, "I like it!"

On August 27, Queer Eye's Tan France also debuted his own intricate piece of body art, which he calls "The Tudor."

"You guys!!! I was lucky enough to get an exclusive glimpse of A. Human's new collection, and it looks like I'm taking something home!" the fashion expert wrote.

"This lil beauty is The Tudor, and you can see it for yourself this #NYFashionWeek when they open their flagship store."

Whether you like this trend or not, it looks like it's here to stay.

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