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Kirk Douglas Receives The Sweetest 101st Birthday Messages

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When you turn 101, you are definitely deserving of a great bash, especially if you're a legendary actor, producer and director in Hollywood.

Surrounded by family and friends, Kirk Douglas was able to do just that.

Kirk's son, Michael Douglas, flew in from New York, while his other son Joel, drove in from the desert to be with his father in Beverly Hills on his special day.

Kirk's wife of 63 years, Anne, who is 93-years-old, was there alongside their granddaughter, Kelsey Douglas, and a handful of prominent Hollywood producers and directors.

His cardiologist Dr. P.K. Shah also stopped by to bring the vodka for the one drink that he allows Kirk to have each year.

He even had two special cakes to mark the occasion.

"Family and friends celebrated Kirk's 101st by honoring some of Kirk's greatest performances. There was a sunflower cake recalling Kirk's performance as Vincent Van Gogh in 'Lust for Life,'" Michael captioned his photo.

"A pair of boxing gloves from Dad's first Academy Award nominated performance 'Champion,'" Michael wrote.

The room was filled with a lot of loved ones, but not everyone was able to make it to L.A. to celebrate. Other loved ones, including daughter-in-law Catherine Zeta-Jones, made sure to mark the occasion with some special messages.

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