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Kitten Learns To Look Before It Leaps After Scary Fall

The Fire Brigade in Dublin have rescued a cat from a very unusual situation. The cat was having a fun time chasing a plastic bag, but when the bag flew into the River Liffey, the cat chased it in.

"I was walking to work and saw the cat jump into The Liffey after a plastic bag," Said the witness Sinead McCool. She immediately called the emergency services and got the little guy some help.

The DSPCA and Fire Brigade arrived and began to immediately work to save the cat. The cat managed to swim up to a ledge and wait there while a boat came to grab it.

"The kitty was so little and cold and afraid like I just couldn't leave it," McCool said after the incident.

The cat was scooped up brought back up to where it belongs. Hopefully it will watch where it's going and look before it leaps!