Kourtney Kardashian Mom-Shamed Over Her 8-Year-Old Son's Eyebrows


Kourtney Kardashian Mom-Shamed Over Her 8-Year-Old Son's Eyebrows

It's easy for people to sit behind a screen and offer unsolicited criticism about someone else's life. This is why it's hard to be a celebrity and a parent at the same time.

Many stars, like the Kardashians, are comfortable with sharing tidbits about their family with fans over the internet, but that doesn't mean that they're giving strangers permission to question their parenting skills.

Over time, many celebrities have learned to ignore the negativity and just carry on with business as usual, but their fans still can't help but notice just how mean people can be online.

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Kourtney Kardashian, the oldest of the Kar-Jenner siblings, is the latest famous mom to be called out about her eight-year-old son's appearance.

The reality star's ex-boyfriend Scott Disick posted a photo of himself and their son, Mason, on Instagram, while they vacationed in the Caribbean island of St. Barts.

However, instead of focusing on the fact that Scott is spending quality time with his kid, people were distracted by something else: Mason's unibrow.

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"For the love of god please get this kids eyes brows waxed," one person commented. While another wrote, "If the entire family life based on plastic surgeries and their appearance, how can they let this atrocity slip by."

Some people went as far as calling the kid some harsh names, "Ugly piece of sh**t [SIC]."

Others, of course, blamed his mother for not taking care of her son's brows. "How can his momma not have taken care of that uni tho?? 😭 plz kourtney help ur boy out!"

Thankfully, there are some mature people on the internet who came to Mason's defense .

"Seriously? Let's look at some of you busted a** people talking about an 8 year old boy," wrote one user. "You should all be ashamed of yourselves. He may have more hair then some- but at least he isn't ugly on the inside or outside. Grow up people. You are what's wrong with the world."

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Some Instagram users just couldn't wrap their minds around how a grown-up can make such hateful remarks about a kid.

"Why would anyone comment about an 8 year old boy's appearance?" commented an angry user. "He's a kid! Really takes a miserable and mean person to talk about a young child's God given appearance. Horrible humans, some of you."

Another chimed in, "Beautiful & natural picture(the way it should be)!!! Those who are parent-shaming Kort for this should be absolutely ashamed of themselves!!!! Mason is only 8 years old & why should a little boy have to be tweezed, to make others happy!"

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Some people tried to redirect the focus on the fact that Scott, who has built up a controversial reputation, is trying to be a good parent and spend time with his children.

"Both handsome guys. I see a father and son spending quality time together. Which is more than a lot of dads do? That's what should be noticed in this picture, not eyebrows."

Adding, "He is clearly happy in this photo! People who do this kind of senseless shaming are the problem & this kind of ridiculous attitude is what causes children & teens to grow up with self-esteem issues! What if a 10, 11, 12, 13 or 14-year-old kid with a lot of brow hair saw these posts?! You don't think that after reading some of these comments that they themselves wouldn't feel embarrassed!?!?! If having a lot of eyebrows is what determines a person's character or face value or their parent's choices, then some of you should really look inward & do some self-analyzing cause that's just straight up messed up!"

A few people highlighted the fact that it won't be just Kourtney and Scott reading these messages, but it's possible that Mason too could access the internet and see them.

This isn't the first time that Kourtney has been subjected to criticism over her parenting choices.

Last year, people on the internet were up in arms after the 38-year-old mom-of-three shared a photo of Mason kissing his five-year-old sister Penelope on the lips.

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Many took to the comment section to say how "inappropriate" it is for the siblings to kiss in that manner. Some even called Kourtney "sick" for allowing it.

"You think it's okay for Mason to kiss his sister in mouth? Better watch what you teaching them!" a user commented.

Kourtney didn't waste her time addressing the mommy-shamers, but she responded in the best way possible: she posted more kissing photos on Instagram. including another shot of Mason and Penelope, and the mom herself doing the same to her kids.

eternal love

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The photos were captioned with "true love," "unconditional love," "fearless love," "unselfish love," and "eternal love."

You go Kourtney! Don't ever listen to strangers on the internet tell you how you and your children should live your lives. Mommy-shaming is one thing, but adults cyber-bullying a child is just awful and unacceptable.

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