Krispy Kreme Introduces New Decadent Doughnut Flavours

Whoever comes up with the flavors at Krispy Kreme is a genius and deserves a medal. They know exactly how to keep us coming back for more by delivering doughnuts that hit the spot everytime.

Throughout the year, Krispy Kreme releases doughnuts to commemorate changes in season and special events and days. This spring, they're stepping up their game by introducing two new flavor experiences that rival the popular Original Glazed.  

The doughnut chain announced on Monday that they have partnered up with San Francisco-based Ghirardelli to create doughnuts inspired by the Sea Salt Caramel and Mint Chocolate bars.

Krispy Kreme

You'll be able to take a bite into the new pastries starting April 3rd. But, since good things don't last forever, the new offerings will only be on the menu for a limited time only.

If you're wondering what the doughnuts will taste like, here's what you should expect: Both are made entirely with premium Ghirardelli chocolate ingredients.

The Sea Salt Caramel is filled with salted caramel, dipped in chocolate icing and drizzled with both chocolate and caramel. Amber sugar, salt sprinkle and mini chocolate chips are added to the top to finish off the masterpiece.

The Mint Chocolate doughnut is filled with White Mint Kreme, dipped in chocolate icing and tied together with green icing decoration and mini chocolate chips dusted in powdered sugar.

Krispy Kreme

You'll definitely satisfy your sweet tooth once you indulge in one of these decadent doughnuts.

Will you be trying these? Let us know in the comments!