Krispy Kreme Is Giving Away A Dozen Donuts For Cheap - But That's Not The Only Surprise

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Krispy Kreme Is Giving Away A Dozen Donuts For Cheap - But That's Not The Only Surprise

It's always a great idea to keep an eye out for the birthdays of fast food companies.

To celebrate, they often give out free or discounted items from their menu that you just can't say no to.

It's a once-a-year opportunity that millions of people across the country take advantage of.

Krispy Kreme, America's favorite donut company, is celebrating its 82nd anniversary, and we're as excited as they are!


On Twitter, the company announced that on Friday, July 19, customers can buy an Original Glazed Dozen for only $1.

That's right folks, on Friday, July 19 the birthday celebration gets even sweeter!  Stop by and take part in my favorite donut store's birthday tradition:  $1 Original Glazed Dozens with any dozen purchase.  Find a participating location here for the Birthday offer and let’s get this party started.

Take note: you have to buy any dozen donuts at regular price to be qualified for the promotion.

Still a good bargain if you ask me! But that's not all...

They have made a new donut for the occasion!

Krispy Kreme’s newest Original Filled variety – the Original Filled Birthday Batter Doughnut – is festively filled with delicious birthday cake batter, dipped in strawberry icing and topped with party sprinkles. It will be available for one week only beginning Monday, July 15, as part of Krispy Kreme’s 82nd birthday.

"Krispy Kreme fans love to celebrate our birthday. They really make it their party, which is good with us. We’re continuing our birthday tradition of the $1 dozen deal, which is great. But this year for the first time we are filling an Original Glazed doughnut with birthday cake batter … and that’s even better,” said Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer for Krispy Kreme"

Don’t forget to share how you’re celebrating Krispy Kreme's birthday with your Original Filled Birthday Batter Doughnut and extra dozen Original Glazed doughnuts by using #KrispyKremeBirthday and tagging @krispykreme.

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