Kurt Cobain's Daughter Reveals She Inherited More From Her Dad Than Just Her Looks


Kurt Cobain's Daughter Reveals She Inherited More From Her Dad Than Just Her Looks


Despite his tragic death by suicide in 1994, Kurt Cobain has remained a musical icon worldwide, thanks to both the music he released as the frontman for Nirvana, as well as his messages about artistic integrity and how to treat other people.

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In the nearly 25 years since his death, there have been plenty of posthumous releases by the band, as well as other projects that its members have gone on to (most notably, a little rock and roll band called Foo Fighters). However, what's captured the attention of most people by far has been the continuing exploits of both Kurt's ex-wife, Hole singer and actress Courtney Love, and their daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.


Frances was born two years before Kurt's death, and the years since have been an uphill battle for her, thanks in large part to her increasingly unstable mother. Love was accused of using heroin during her pregnancy, and her ongoing battle with substance abuse was well-documented in the media, leading to Frances frequently being placed in the custody of her grandparents instead of her mother.

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Now a full-grown and independent woman, Frances Bean Cobain has made a career for herself both as a visual artist and a model, appearing in several major publications. However, what people have wanted to know since the start is simple: did she inherit her dad's singing chops?

Cobain, now 25, took to her Instagram page recently not just to show off her art or modeling poses, but instead to perform a song. Specifically, she performed her own rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." Obviously she decided she didn't want to go easy on herself, because anybody who knows that song knows that it's not easy to make it your own.

Of course, this isn't the first time she's performed, as she also belted out her own rendition of Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle" a few years ago. However, we think you'll agree, this song's just a bit more powerful.


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