Kurt Russell Made His Son Ruin His Car As Punishment When He Was 16

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Kurt Russell Made His Son Ruin His Car As Punishment When He Was 16

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The thought of having famous parents is so strange. Imagine your mom was on a red carpet one night, and the next she was grounding you for not doing your dishes. It's pretty crazy, right? Kate Hudson and her brother, Oliver, know all about this life...and they had it times two.

For those of you that don't know, Kate and Oliver's mom is legendary movie star Goldie Hawn. Their biological father, Bill, left when they were very young. Enter: Kurt Russell, another legendary movie star.

Kurt and Goldie started dating in 1981, and Kurt quickly became a father figure to the two kids. Both Kate and Oliver, who were four and six respectively when Kurt and Goldie started dating, refer to the Overboard star as their dad, and on Father's Day they always post about him, and not Bill.

"This is a man who made his family his number one priority his whole life [...] Not because he had to but because there was no other place on earth he would rather be then with his family," Kate said of Kurt. "We felt the purity of that our whole childhood and my gratitude for his love is immeasurable. "

Oliver shared the same sentiment on Kurt's birthday.

"Happy birthday to the greatest dad in Santa Monica...I love you more than you realize..." wrote the Nashville actor. "Before you came into my life, I was only potential and you made me, forced me, to find my confidence, my independence and strive for the elusive fearlessness that you so matter of factly possess...I look up to you and always will..."

But even though they had such love for their dad, there were also awkward moments and punishments that stick with the kids to this day. Recently, Oliver appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and explained that even though he was famous, Kurt still had a way to punish him.

Oliver and his buddies were 16 years old when they accidentally shot a group of adults with loaded paint guns. They were brought to the police station, and it quickly became a star-studded event.

"We were all sitting there and [the police] go through and they say, "˜We've got to call your parents,' and they get to me and say, "˜What's your dad's name?'" Oliver said.

"And I said 'Kurt Russell,' and they said 'Kid, be serious,'" Oliver recalled. "They start fighting over who's going to call him. They guy who drove us, he goes 'I drove them! I'm making the call!'"

Kurt did eventually show up, but Oliver wasn't going to get off easy.

"My punishment was to shoot up my Honda Prelude with blue leather interior," he told Kimmel. "I had to shoot up my car, dent it up, and drive that for the rest of my existence."

But why? What purpose did this serve?

"His philosophy is, I know what I did was wrong, right? So why ground me?" Hudson explained. "So at point-blank range you're going to destroy your car and you're going to have to drive it for the rest of however long you own this car."

"That's a really weird lesson," Kimmel told the Splitting Up Together star.

You can watch the full interview here. It's very apparent how much love Oliver has for his dad.

What's the craziest punishment your parents ever made you do?

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