Lady Gaga Shows Off Huge Back Tattoo Inspired By 'A Star Is Born'

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Lady Gaga Shows Off Huge Back Tattoo Inspired By 'A Star Is Born'

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Superstar Lady Gaga doesn't just love showing off her creativity through music and performances on stage and on the silver screen.

The A Star Is Born leading lady often expresses herself through tattoos, and in the years since her debut, she's managed to get an impressive collection of artwork inked on her body.

This week, the artist is flaunting a pair of new tattoos with special meanings behind them.

The first is an outline of a rose along the length of her spine with the words, "La Vie En Rose." The large tattoo is inspired by the Edith Piaf song that Gaga's character in A Star is Born sings early in the film. It was the tune that got her noticed by Bradley Cooper's Jackson Maine.

Gaga also performed the song during her 2015 Cheek to Cheek tour with Tony Bennett.

"Happy Valentine's Day. A tattoo toast to "la vie en rose" by the beautiful @winterstone my spinal cord is now a rose," the "Shallow" singer captioned the photo on Instagram.

An hour later, Gaga returned to Instagram to show off a clever second tattoo, which is also inspired by music.

For her second ink, the singer opted to have the notes G A G A on a musical staff drawn on her forearm.

"G A G A...and when you get a tattoo and you're me you always have to get two 😂," she wrote in the caption of the photograph.

However, shortly after sharing the photo, fans were quick to point out that it was missing an important detail: one of the staff lines is missing.

The singer later responded, revealing that she was drunk while getting the tattoo, but it has since been fixed.

"Musical crisis averted," Gaga wrote. "Too many tequilas forgot the fifth staff line poor thing. Here's the real deal."

She later added, "As a music theory student I'm appalled, as someone having fun with their friends I'm relieved."

The two tattoos join Gaga's collection of music-inspired art, including a Tony Bennett trumpet on her arm, a portrait of David Bowie on her side, and a "Born This Way" unicorn on her leg.

What do you think of Gaga's newest tattoos?

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