A Record Breaking Nativity Scene Is Taking Over A Town For The Holidays

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A Record Breaking Nativity Scene Is Taking Over A Town For The Holidays

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We all take pride in our holiday spirit. It really brings the community together, and that makes us feel like we're part of something a little larger than ourselves. But what if you were part of the largest Christmas scene ever?

That is what a small town in France is hoping to accomplish this year, by bringing the gift of the world's largest Christmas creche.

Every year we see our local churches putting together their nativity scenes outside for us to look at as we drive by, and some of us may even have miniature ones set-up in our homes. But what if your whole neighborhood became an homage to the birth of baby Jesus?

An even better question would be how do you even go about setting like this up? Turns out, it takes a lot of patience.

The creche that the little village of Aubagne is constructing is set to take up quite a bit of space in the relatively minute town.

Craftspeople have managed to layout a 1,615-square-feet nativity scene that focuses on the manger, but includes aspects of the town like their post office, cinema, and even a bar with a card game going on. Not sure if Jesus would agree with that last part, but I'm sure it is the thought that counts!

The citizens of Aubagne have come together to create 3,500 hand-painted terracotta figurines to be featured in the wondrous exhibit.

This is a tradition for the region, where the figurines, or "santons," are displayed in order to add that little extra special Christmas spirit to the festivities.

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