Freak Snowstorm Turns Las Vegas Strip White (Photos)

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Freak Snowstorm Turns Las Vegas Strip White (Photos)

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This winter has brought all kinds of rare weather events from coast to coast, including unlikely snowstorms in Arizona and Hawaii.

This month, Las Vegas felt the chill twice as rare snowstorms turned Sin City and the surrounding Nevada Desert white, for the first time in over a decade.

Weather watchers at the McCarran International Airport recorded up to two inches of snow on Sunday night, and even the lights of the Vegas Strip were dusted with powder.

A sharp southern dip in the jet stream was blamed for the wintery weather, as temperatures have been chilly in Las Vegas for nearly two weeks.

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Posted by Holmes Pooser on Monday, February 18, 2019

While locals saw snowflakes on February 10, and on Christmas Day 2015, Las Vegas' last snowfall worth recording came from a 3.6 inch layer in 2008.

Las Vegans made the most of the rare weather, as many children took to the streets to play in the snow for their first time ever.

You may scoff at all the buzz about just an inch or two of snow, but drivers were obviously thrown off by the unusual weather. Parts of Interstate 15 were closed on Monday morning to clear the remaining snow.

The snowy conditions put this month into the history books as one of only seven times McCarran has seen two snowy days in February, and the first time since 1987.

See how the wintery weather looked in the Nevada desert and other areas surrounding Las Vegas:

Las Vegas Snow
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Snow was spotted for the third day in a row in the Vegas Valley outside the city, and a cold front heading toward the city on Wednesday could drop even more on Sin City.

That's sure to put a chill on the gamblers and thrill-seekers, but even a blizzard couldn't slow down a city like Las Vegas for very long.

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