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Man's Emotional "Proposal" To His Wife On Her Last Day Of Chemo Will Be Hard To See Through All Your Tears

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The last day of chemotherapy for a cancer patient is truly a victorious day.

Reyna Castellanos was already on cloud nine after walking out of hospital to friends and family holding signs and giving her flowers in celebration of this milestone occasion.

Reyna was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, a year after she and her husband welcomed their third child. Together they have three children aged ten, seven and three years old.

After finding a lump in her breast, she went to visit a doctor who told her it was just calcium. After six months, the lump grew bigger and she started to experience minor pain. After visiting a different doctor, she was referred for an ultrasound.

"The ultrasound results came out abnormal and was then referred to get a mammogram a test that I thought I would[n't] be getting until I would turn 40 and not at such a young age," she wrote on her Go Fund Me page.

When a biopsy revealed that she had breast cancer, she had to undergo chemotherapy, surgery and radiation to fight the disease.

After her double mastectomy, what was originally diagnosed as stage two breast cancer ended up being the beginning of stage four and required more invasive treatment.

"Next step will be removing my ovaries.. since the type of cancer I have is genetic I run a high chance on getting ovarian cancer," she wrote.

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Freddy Lopez and his wife had planned to renew their wedding vows on their 10th wedding anniversary, but put it off after Reyna was diagnosed.

The California couple faced some very difficult times during her treatment. Freddy recalled one of their lowest moments, last Thanksgiving, when Reyna was bed-ridden in the hospital.

“She was kind of giving up. She thought she wasn’t gonna make it with breast cancer stage 3 going on 4,” Freddy said. “We were just laying down and…we just broke down and started crying. She told me, ‘I want to get married again. I want to renew our vows.’”


“I knew she was thinking that she wasn’t gonna make it if we waited. I told her, ‘Yes, we’re gonna get married again and you’re gonna be there.’ I told her, ‘Our kids need you. You can’t give up … We’re together in this.’ ”

So when the 30-year-old walked out of the hospital she was not expecting the big surprise that her husband had in store for her after she finished greeting her loved ones.

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