Laughing Can Make You Lose Weight, So Chuckle Up

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We've all heard the quote "laughter is the best medicine", but do you actually believe it? Do you really think laughing will help cure a headache or the flu? Maybe not, but new research shows that laughing may actually be good for your health.

We were already blessed with the information that hot baths are the same as walking for 30 minutes which, honestly, is life changing.

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That study, from Loughborough University, showed that taking a hot bath actually burns the same amount of calories as going for a 30 minute walk. The study also revealed that peak blood sugar levels were lower after an hour-long bath in place of a bike ride. It also suggests that a hot bath can help reduce inflammation and ward off cardiovascular diseases.

Not everyone enjoys baths, however. Plus, finding the time to soak for an hour is difficult. But something we ALL have time for is laughing. That's why we're thrilled to hear the results of this new study.

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