Survey Shows Many Parents Are Coddling Their Adult Kids


Survey Shows Many Parents Are Coddling Their Adult Kids

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If you feel like the younger members of your family are not growing into adulthood the way your generation did, you could be right.

Because, as a new survey highlights, many young adults are lacking some of the very basic skills we associate with adults - so parents are tackling their problems instead.

A poll by The New York Times and Morning Consult found that more and more parents are making up for their children's shortcomings.

This doting behavior has inspired a new nickname - lawnmower parents - for people who insist on clearing all of the obstacles in their child's path long into adulthood.

The poll peeked into the lives of 1,508 people aged between 18 and 28, as well as their parents (a group of 1,136 people).

Here are some of the findings from the survey that have some parents concerned:

  • 76% of parents say they remind their adult children about important deadlines.
  • 74% of parents say they booked appointments, including with the doctor, for their children.
  • 15% of parents with college-aged children say they called or texted them to be sure they would be up for an important test.
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In one of the most concerning results, 11% of parents say they will call their adult child's workplace to sort out an issue for them.

In the same vein, 8% of parents say they've spoken to a professor or school administrator because of their child's grades.

Parents are even getting directly involved in their child's life in some concerning ways:

  • 22% have helped their adult children study for a test.
  • 11% helped write a school assignment for their children.
  • 4% actually wrote an entire assignment for their child.
  • 16% have helped their kids write at least part of a job or internship application.
  • 14% of parents say they told their kids which career to take up.
  • 14% went an extra step, and arranged a job or internship for their kids through a friend.

A stunning 12% of parents even say they're financially supporting their adult children, giving them $500 a month or more for rent and other expenses.

For parents who worry their children are coddled, spoiled, and unprepared for life on their own, this survey only seems to confirm their concerns.

How do you react to this survey?

Can you relate to this news? Are you guilty of being a lawnmower parent?

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