Lying Bride Was Caught By Her Own Wedding Photos


Lying Bride Was Caught By Her Own Wedding Photos

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Being a small business owner is incredibly tough, because just one complaint can seriously affect your bottom line.

And so, a pair of florists are celebrating after catching a fibbing bride thanks to her own wedding photos.

Bouquet bride
A bride's bouquet caught her in a cheeky lie.Pexels

Sarah Weatherill, 34, and her mother-in-law Lisa Husband, 46, manage the decor company Forever to Hold together.

Last year, the pair received a call from a bride who claimed she had never received a £100 ($132) bouquet ordered from their company.

The florists were stumped, because they had proof that the flowers were shipped out. While they spent months arguing with the bride, the pair eventually decided it was best for business to refund her money and move on.

While the duo said £100 is "a lot of money" to their business, the customer is always right.

Wedding photos
The bride's wedding photos showed off her "missing" bouquet.Forever to Hold - Facebook

But this month, the couple came across the bride's Facebook profile page and noticed something unusual.

There was the bride in her wedding photos, happily holding the bouquet she had ordered from Weatherill and Husband that supposedly "never arrived."

It was undeniably the exact bouquet the bride had ordered, right down to the same hessian wrapping paper Forever to Hold use. The clever florists even asked the bride's photographer for more photos of the bouquet just to be sure.

Weatherill told Metro she was "shocked" to learn the truth.

Bride bouquet
The bride changed her story after being confronted.Facebook

"I bet she thought she'd never be found out," she said, "but you can't hide anything any more with social media."

"There's so much out there in the news about businesses scamming brides," she added, "but I've never heard of a bride who scams a business."

The pair say the bride initially offered to pay back just £20 when confronted about the "missing" bouquet, but then coughed up the full price when they threatened to get the police involved.

For the record, the bride claims that the flowers appeared at a neighbor's house several months after her wedding, and after the florists had refunded her money.

While she supposedly planned to return the cash, the bride says the chore had "gone over her head" and been forgotten.

Today it has saddend me to be scammed by a bride. We as a business go that extra mile for each and everyone of our...

Posted by Forever To Hold Ltd - Multi Award winning Business on Monday, March 11, 2019

The bride - dressed in white but caught red-handed - has since deleted her Facebook account, as her new husband says he has contacted a lawyer.

Weatherill and her mother-in-law say they work "so hard" on their bouquets, so they were glad to prove they were in the right.

"We love what we do," she said. "That's what's upset us more than anything."

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