LeAnn Rimes Opens Up About Her Psoriasis That Covered "80 Percent" Of Her Body


LeAnn Rimes Opens Up About Her Psoriasis That Covered "80 Percent" Of Her Body

LeAnn Rimes was not even old enough to drive when she became one of the most popular country music artists of all time.

At age 14, she became the youngest person to win a Grammy for Best New Artist and Best Female Country Vocal Performance for her debut album Blue.

The singer and actress was on the fast track to becoming even bigger than she already was, but some very questionable personal choices derailed her career.

She went from being a country music sweetheart to a homewrecker.

In case you're among the few who don't know why Rimes and her current husband, Eddie Cibrian, are sometimes referred to as Hollywood's most hated couple, here's what you need to know:

Rimes was married to backup dancer Dean Sheremet, whom she met while hosting the 2001 Academy of Country Music Awards, for seven years, until she filed for divorce in 2009.

Media reports revealed that the country music songstress was involved in an extramarital with actor Eddie Cibrian, who was also married at the time.

The pair met while working on the Lifetime movie Northern Lights, and that's when their very messy affair started.

Brandi Granville, Cibrian's wife and mother of his two sons, immediately filed for divorce citing adultery as the reason.

A little over a year later, Rimes and Cibrian became engaged, and in April 2011, they finally got married in a private ceremony.

Rimes finally opened up about cheating in an interview with Shape magazine, and she had a lot to say.

She admitted that the anger from her disappointed fans was so intense that she "didn't want to get out of bed," adding, "I truly believe there are lessons in it for me to learn. Cultivating strength from rough situations is the most important thing. After going through this, I know I can face anything."

Rimes also said that although she understood where people were coming from, she doesn't regret putting herself first "for the first time ever."

"I understand why people are disappointed in me, especially since I grew up as America's sweetheart. I think any relationship is hard to get out of, and I don't think the way I did it was right. I feel like I'm just now finding myself. I've always been one of those people who takes care of everyone else"”and their needs"”first. This past year, for the first time ever, I put me first."
Rimes talking about her affair on E! News
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The "How Do I Live" singer did lose a lot of fans after her scandalous affair was exposed, and despite her attempts to open up in interviews and on her failed reality TV show, she couldn't get them back.

However, she has recently discussed some of the health struggles she had been dealing with over the years, and it may have earned her the sympathy of millions of Americans that are struggling with the same issues.

Rimes revealed to In The Gloss that she has struggled with a debilitating skin condition since she was a little girl, and over the years it really made her hate the skin she's in.

Rimes developed "really bad" psoriasis when she was just two years old, and it took a toll on her life the older she got.

"I had to wear a lot of long pants or jeans and two or three pairs of pantyhose in the summertime," Rimes told the beauty website.

Daily Mirror
"It was a nightmare. I started taking a biologic drug. I take a shot every two weeks, and I hate needles, but that's what I had to do to get my skin clear. I went through every type of treatment known to man."

She added, "When I was younger, I always wanted to hide it and never wanted to talk about it. My doctors told me I'd be surprised at how many celebrities have it and don't want to talk about it."

Rimes eventually found a treatment that worked, but she still breaks out "every so often." The journey to recovery was not easy, but these days she has a very different relationship with her body.

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In a recent interview with TODAY, Rimes said that the psoriasis covered 80% of her body by the time she was six.

"I didn't realize how much it had impacted my self-confidence and just really kind of feeling like a woman," she said.

It took a really long time for her to get her confidence back up, and she credits music for helping her heal.

"I think music really was what gave me confidence," Rimes continued. "I think I was very disconnected from my body so that was the one way I could really connect. Music has been a very healing thing for me."

"I never thought I could get to the place where I could really be grateful for every single thing that's happened in my life, but I am now and it feels really good," she added. "As I get older, I've learned how to accept the things that bother me about myself and really start to love those things. They're what make me, me. My advice to others is to own it. Own who you are, because it feels really good when you do."

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Rimes latest interview echos words she wrote in an Instagram caption back in April 2016.

"Every time I put a bathing suit on, it's a huge accomplishment and another tiny chip into a very large, thick wall I built since I was a little girl covered in scales," Rimes wrote. "I'm proud to say I have taken my physical, mental and spiritual health into my own hands and am feeling amazing about it. I hope you all find your health, happiness and tight tushes."

Rimes said that her experience with psoriasis helped her truly understand why they say beauty is skin deep.

"People make so much fun of me and my bikinis, but I would walk around naked if I could because I was one big scab at one point!" She added, "I wish this for all women. I hope as I share my health and wellness journey and celebrate my successes you all join me in doing the same."

Rimes is among the two percent of the U.S. population who suffer from some form of the chronic skin condition. According to Healthline, there are 150,000 new cases every year, and unfortunately there is still no cure.

In addition to the skin-related autoimmune disease, Rimes also suffers from another frustrating condition that has gotten in the way of her performances.

Back in 2014, Rimes was playing a show at the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma when her jaw popped out of place near the end of her set.

The displacement of the joint not only prevented her from being able to continue her jaw-dropping performance, it also affected her hearing, and caused her a lot of pain.

After some confusion about what caused during the concert, Rimes explained that it was caused by a medical condition.

"Oklahoma!!!! I love you so much! I'm sorry for no encore. I had my jaw pop out of place & I can't hear out of my left ear ," Rimes tweeted.

Rimes has temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD/TMJ), a condition that affects the joint and muscles that control jaw movement.

Although it's unclear what caused Rimes's disorder, according to the Mayo Clinic, TMJ "may be due to a combination of factors, such as genetics, arthritis or jaw injury."

There is no real cure for the disorder, but there are some non-invasive and non-surgical treatments that will help manage it. However if these measures fail, a person might require surgery as a last resort.  

Rimes revealed in 2012 that she underwent minor surgery to correct her TMJ, but it seems like it did not help her much at all.

"K, coming clean...I had minor surgery this week and I've been in SO much pain it's not even funny," she tweeted. "Nothing major just annoying! Pain pain go away!!!!!! When it's mouth pain and jaw pain it makes your whole head pound! YUCK."

The 35-year-old has been experiencing frequent flare ups, especially while on tour. In 2016, she was forced to cancel two concerts after she "injured her bone and jaw."

"It's left me unable to sing at this moment. I have been put on rest in order to recover," she said in a statement.

It's been a while since Rimes updated fans on her TMJ, so it's possible that she has finally found a treatment that worked in lessening her symptoms.

Experts believe that stress plays a role in causing TMJ, and since Rimes has battled anxiety and depression in the past, it's possible that it's all linked.

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When the going got really tough, Rimes suffered a bout of depression and even considered committing suicide.

"I think any smart person would know that it is always a possibility that you could always get that sad and deep. I worried that was a possibility [but] I know I would never," she told Nancy O'Dell on Entertainment Tonight.

A day after her 30th birthday, the singer checked into rehab to deal with her anxiety, stress, and depression.

"I had been crying all day, staying in bed," she wrote on Twitter. "I've had all eyes on me since I was 13, so there was a lot to sift through. I started dealing with emotions I had ignored. I felt like an alien child because people only focused on my voice," she explains. "I'm only finding myself now."

It took a while for Rimes to adjust to life post-rehab, but she's happier than ever now. She's even talking about having children with Cibrian, after years of enjoying being a stepmom to Mason,13, and Jake, 9.

She is now a lot more comfortable with being herself. She's putting negative criticism about her relationship, instead she's focusing on all the positives in her life.

As for her body, regardless of what people still say about her size or skin, she feels liberated by being able to wear shorts and bikinis, and she doesn't hesitate to post those pictures on social media.

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