LeAnn Rimes Opens Up About Struggle With A Chronic Skin Condition

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Country singer and actress LeAnn Rimes may have lost a lot of fans after her scandalous affair with her married co-star, Eddie Cibrian, was exposed, but she recently opened up about a health struggle that has earned her the sympathy of millions of Americans.

The "How Do I Live" singer revealed to In The Gloss that she struggled with a debilitating skin condition since she was a little girl, and over the years it really made her hate the skin she's in.

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Rimes developed "really bad" psoriasis when she was just two-years-old, and it took a toll on her life the older she got.

"I had to wear a lot of long pants or jeans and two or three pairs of pantyhose in the summertime," Rimes told the beauty website.

"It was a nightmare. I started taking a biologic drug. I take a shot every two weeks, and I hate needles, but that's what I had to do to get my skin clear. I went through every type of treatment known to man."

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She added, "When I was younger, I always wanted to hide it and never wanted to talk about it. My doctors told me I'd be surprised at how many celebrities have it and don't want to talk about it."

Rimes eventually found a treatment that worked, but she still breaks out "every so often." The journey to recovery was not easy, but these days she has a very different relationship with her body.

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